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Interest thing.... Jul. 28th, 2008 @ 06:36 pm
Comment on this post and i will choose seven interests from your profile. You will then explain what they mean/why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along. Courtesy of blue_tree

hkn - This is the honor fraternity I was president of in College. When I say fraternity there is no doubt that certain images are conjured in your mind. Trust me when I say nothing seen in modern movies even remotely resembled what we did. Think more the first 20 mins of Revenge of the Nerds

spoiled milk - I love yogurt which is essentially spoiled milk. My idea of being clever.

deadbeat - An awesomely talented Christian rapper I saw in Houghton during college.

the california raisins - I was given a small California Raisin's figurine who is playing a saxaphone. Its one of my favorite trinkiets.

gabba gabba hey - I love the Clash for the music they created.

gravitar - This is a farcical interest. This is a art/noise band whom friends at WMTU loved. I made fun of them for it.

mental hospitals - Nothing is scarier. If I had the money/time/support I'd rent or buy an old abandoned Mental Hosiptal and fun a haunted house in it every Halloween season.

"all the white boys in the stay-pressed slacks,
they're home for the summer from college.
stayin' out late, getting rowdy at the bar
and lookin' for trouble uptown.
they come up my block, about 5 or 6 of them.
smashing their bottles in the gutter.
yelling all kinds of obscenities,
about woman and god, and law"

If I'd only thought of something charming to say.... Jul. 18th, 2008 @ 03:21 pm
Now that I can type again I suppose I should update.
I never made it to Krissy’s wedding. That morning I was to do a “Brick Workout”, basically go for a sizeable bike ride followed by a nice run. I took a header on the bike and broke my left arm near the elbow. I had surgery to put two screws in to allow it to heal properly. Not fun. I missed some work and sat around a lot. I’ve been watching a lot of movies and cursing myself for getting hurt.
My mom and Erin helped get me through the first few days of pain and inability to really do much. My apartment is still a mess due to laziness and all the extra effort it takes me do some things right now. But I’m walking in the mornings and once I get the surgery staples out I’m going to ask if I can ride a stationary bike.
Erin and I went to a friend of her’s wedding. It was nice to get out and I met more of her friends from GVSU. We had lunch with my grandparents first.
Tonight is the attempt by Josh, Jen, Jason, Lisa and I to see Dark Knight. Should be a great time. Other than that I’ve just been trying to stay positive and not go out of my mind. I see all the sun and nice hot weather and I really just want to be out on a ride.
I was really excited to give the triathlon a try this year and I was getting in awesome shape. I was working out three times a day most days. Oh well such is life I suppose.

Another cabin trip Jun. 10th, 2008 @ 11:24 am
The cabin trip went very well. I drank a pretty good amount and I think Jason enjoyed his bachelor party. We got to do some swimming Saturday afternoon since it was so hot. I got a good bike ride in after I woke up Saturday morning. And to top it off I only put on one pound after all the eating and drinking of the weekend. We got a little of the bad weather at the cabin but nearly as bad as Saginaw and Kalamazoo got. On the way home from the Cabin Josh, Jen and I ran into really heavy rain and powerful wind.
I started triathlon training in earnest yesterday.  I did a 2 x 400 yard swims followed by 4 x25 yard legs only swims. I went to work and came home a little early so I could get a good run in and still have time to see Erin. I was only supposed to run for 20 mins according to the training plan but I felt good and I did a 5 mile run in 53 mins. Today I’m feeling sore but the bike ride to work was ok. I figure I’ll get a bike ride in after work to help move some of that acid out. Tomorrow will be more swimming (hopefully longer and faster) and then another run. I’ll probably go a little lighter on the run to help save my knees.
Erin and I watched some “Office” season 2 after she made me spinach salad with chicken.
Tonight is a bike ride and some laundry and hopefully getting some more sleep. I’m feeling a little tired still from the cabin trip and training.

Jun. 2nd, 2008 @ 12:32 pm
I had a great great weekend.
Friday Erin and I did some last minute shopping for the wedding and visitors. We then waited with Josh and Jen for my parents and cousins to show up so we could go to dinner. Well it was almost 8pm and I got ahold of my parents and they told me they had already eaten. So the four of us went to “Smokey Bones” instead of the Ethiopian place. The waitress guessed that the bills should be split between Jen and I and Erin and Josh, I thought it was funnier than anyone else. The food was good and we talked about Josh’s job he’ll be starting this fall. We all went to my parent’s hotel and talked for a  while before taking my cousins back to my apartment. They stayed with me all weekend. Then Erin, Jen, Josh and I drove to the west side to a three-person birthday party. There were some of our friends there playing beer pong and talking. But also there were some of the most cartoonish homosexual guys there. I’m affected by sexual orientation, but the amount you stereotype yourself. These guys are the types of homosexuals that send consveratives over the moon when thinking about them.
Josh and jen concerned themselves with the Pistons game. I had already decided early in the day that they would lose. They don’t have the killer instinct anymore. As the game was ending the owner of the house and father of one of the birthday kids came out to the porch and said “Turn off the music, we’re done”. So a guy goes over to turn the music off and someone else instead turns it back on at a lower volume. Well a minute or two later all the lights are turned off on the porch and Sue (the third birthday person) started yelling “Who turned off the lights??” Sue then asks me “Go inside and talk to him” and I just shook my head no and let things play out. Sue then proceeds to go into the house and yell “Who turned off the lights!??” and that’s when erin and I looked at each other and said “time to go…” and we left.
The next day my dad came over around 8am and we went for a quick 29 mile ride. After everyone got ready and Erin came over we all drove down to the Cathedral and saw my cousin Monique get married. It was a great ceremony and she looked beautiful. We all hung out after the wedding before going to Saturday Mass.
Then we drove to reception at a nice golf course. It was in a pavilion with wind blocking sheets on the sides. There was an open bar and great fruit and crackers to eat before everyone arrived. The food was good and we got to talk with everyone. I drank quite a bit but never really felt too drunk. We danced a ton and had a great time. They even played our requests “Superman” by Soldier Boy, “Realize” by Colbie Callait, “Low” by Flo Rida.
Sunday my dad and I went for another ride where I had wheel problems at the end which I’ll have to get fixed this week. I then spent the rest of the day sleeping and eating which leads to me feeling fat today.
Next weekend is Jason’s bachelor party where we’ll have a great time I’m sure. Then the next weekend is Jason’s wedding. Then we get another weekend off and boom Krissy’s wedding. Then another weekend off before Erin’s friend’s wedding. It’s a crazy summer so far.

Wedding number 1 May. 30th, 2008 @ 12:44 pm
-Waiting forever for my bike to be ready
-Long ride over to Millington
-Hanging out with family, Erin and Leah
-Trying to go to Cardinals, but the doors were locked at 10pm
-Going for a 32 miles ride on my new bike with my dad
-riding that ride with a way to high seat
-Get ready for the wedding all six of the people in the house
-Attend the wedding
-The groom starts crying for joy two minutes into the service
-hang out in the Hall’s parking lot before the Reception
-Hang out in the reception before it officially starts
- talk with family tons, especially Melissa and other cousins
-Dance with erin and cousins
-Watch Hunter perform gymnastic moves on the floor
-Head home to watch the Wings game 1
-Go to church with erin and family
-Drive to Jeremy’s house, where no one is
-Meet up with Freddy and Denise for lunch
-Drive to Erin’s house and eat steak with her family
-Take a short ride Monday in the intense wind
-Grill out with Erin, Josh and Jen
Other entries
» New bike and Weddings coming!
Well I ordered a new bike a Cannondale Six13 number 3. 

I'll pick it up later this week. I can't wait to get out on the road with it. My first ride will most likely be with my dad this weekend. Erin and I are heading to Millington to see my parents and go to my cousin Rob's wedding. Should be a decent time. I'm looking forward to it. 

Then the next weekend Monique is getting married in Grand Rapids. That will be a good time too. Should be a little more fancy but still fun. That is two of the 6 weddings I'll be attending this summer. 

Jason Keef's wedding is June 14th followed by Krissy's wedding June 28th, then Erin's friend Amy is getting married in July and a mutual friend is getting married in August. I am thankful I'm not in a bunch of them, that adds up after a while. 

I've been riding my bike to work everyday. Its been good so far, although a little cold. I'll be happier when it warms up enough that its not chilly in the morning.  
» A glass can only spill what it contains....
I was standing there in a bike shop. A man a few years older than me was asking me a question. It resonated in my ears.

”Why do you ride?”
It was a simple question from a salesman to figure out what type of bike I might be best suited for. But it struck me hard. I was lost in its deep qualities. Why do I ride? I asked myself.
The easy answer is for exercise. Yeah I can go ride for two hours and burn over 1000 calories without feeling dead all over. But lets be honest it’s not as if I’m counting on those calories being burned or used up to maintain any sort of balance.
I thought back to the day I decided to finally purchase my Bianchi Volpe. I wanted to get back into bike riding. I had spent a solid two weeks on a cheaper bike riding around the landscapes of Vermont. It had been painful and one of the toughest things I’ve ever done, but it had also been rewarding. I was part of a group of people that found masochistic joy in hurting our legs and butts.
And for all the exercise or sense of community the cycling brings I wondered if it was something more. Were those two paltry reasons the culmination of motivation that puts my sore rear on that small saddle on those hot afternoons for two or more hours at a time? I didn’t think so.
It has become a strong bond that my dad and I share. It’s not totally uncommon that our discussions turn to cycling even in the coldest and deepest winter months. It has become something we share to the point of spending whole days on our bikes together in the foolish pursuit of riding one hundred miles in a single day.
But in the end I think I ride for me. I ride because it’s a battle of mind and body. And as clichéd as that idea is I believe it to be truth for me. Many an afternoons I have to motivate my legs to perform as they should, or for me to even get on the bike. I spend hours thinking about average speed, past loves, my current girlfriend, friends, enemies, jobs and past experiences. I’m spending time isolated with my brain, my heart and my body. It can be extremely spiritual to the point of exhaustion. I spend some of the time speaking with God, and trying to reconcile things that are happening in my life.
So I suppose the truth isn’t as succinct as the simple answer I uttered to the salesman but I think it’s more interesting.

» (No Subject)
It was a weekend full of Pro Sports.
Friday night Josh, Jenn, Erin and I all drove to Auburn Hills to see Jenn’s sister dance before the Piston’s game. Everyone met at my apartment and when I asked Josh if they had the tickets he said “Yeah jenn has them” which Jenn replied with “No I don’t you do”. I was happy that I asked. So we drove back to their apartment and waited while they went inside and got the tickets. Erin spoke up and said “Oh my dad called and said that my aunt has tickets to the Red Wings game on Saturday, would you want to go?” I exclaimed yes and she called her dad. So we drove through heavy rain and bouts of hail before we stopped in Grand Blanc to get some food from a Quiznos. The GB tornado sirens were going off, but no one else was reacting so we didn’t react either.
We made it to the arena and let Josh and Jenn off so they could make it inside before her sister started dancing. Erin and I parked and headed inside. We found our seats before the dancing started. The game was fun to watch, even if our seats weren’t the best. We drove home late into the night. The next morning I got up and did a little exercising. I then ran some errands and got some small gifts for Treise’s birthday. Erin, Treise and their dad picked me up and we drove to Detroit. We picked up our tickets from Erin’s aunt. We got to the stadium about an hour before the game started. We got some food and made our way to our seats. Our seats that were only 6 rows from the ice in the corner. Freaking amazing seats. The game was good and the Wings won. After the game we made our way out to the car and then started back home. Everyone was hungry so we stopped near Lansing and ate at Bob Evans.
Sunday I was lazy as can be. But I did get my end of the project finished.  

» yeah
Its been a while, feels like a while…..
I’ve been fairly busy with class, work and Erin. The weather has gotten nicer and allowed a pansy like me to get back on my bike. I did 35 last Saturday and I’ve been working on climbing hills stronger, so that’s something to look forward to.
Easter was good. I went to early mass with Erin’s family (7am) and then my parents and Miles came to my apartment to eat too much and talk. It was a good time. Erin came over after they left and we commiserated about eating too much candy.
I’ve been making plans for the summer. I’ve got a few weddings to do and I want to go to Chicago with Erin for a weekend. The boys want to go to NYC to see the town and a baseball game or two. Oh and Jason Keef needs to set aside a weekend to have a bachelor party up north, it HAS to happen!!!!
Tomorrow Josh, Jenn, Erin and I are going to a Pistons game to watch Jenn’s little sister dance for pregame and halftime. I’m excited.
I can’t wait to get a chance to use my new golf clubs this summer. I’m hoping they work out and help improve my game.
Erin and Miles both graduate the same day (April 22). The schedule works out that I will most likely be able to see both. I may have to leave the GVSU graduation early to make sure I make it to Kzoo for Miles’. Then hopefully that night I can get back to Grand Rapids and go out on the town with Erin and her friends to celebrate.  

» (No Subject)
Thanks GOD Opening day is HERE!!!!



Oh man Miggy just hit a shot!!!!! First game in Detroit and he's got a homerun!!!
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