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I write to remember

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A new post for a new year Feb. 25th, 2010 @ 09:08 am

I’ve decided to post once in a while. I don’t believe anyone reads my journal anymore, but that’s probably a good thing.


Well the wedding was amazing. I don’t think we could have done it any better. Erin looked amazing, the ceremony was perfect and our reception went off with very few (and small) problems. We enjoyed a great honeymoon in Chicago. We decided to ride the train from Kzoo. Well that morning we had planned to workout and then head down. Well we were both tired and Erin was coming down with a bad cold so we slept in. After waking up we doddled around, I made eggs for breakfast and then I hopped in the shower. After I got out and got dressed I finished packing and putting stuff in the car. Well I came in the townhouse and I saw the time. It was 9:40 am, and the train was leaving Kzoo at 10:23 am. So I ran downstairs and opened the shower curtain and said “Erin we have to go now!”. She did an amazing job of getting ready quickly and we raced down to Kzoo. I was convinced the whole time that we were going to miss the train. Erin reassured me that the trains always run late. Well as we parked the car in the parking garage I saw a train pulling into the station. I was thinking “Wow we made it” so we ran down the stairs and walked out onto the street and the train was gone. I was so disappointed. So we walked to the train station with the thought that we’d need to figure what we need to do now. Well as we walked in the overhead announcement said “Train 321 going to Chicago is now arriving” and Erin and I couldn’t believe our luck/blessing.


The honeymoon was very relaxing. We shopping and walked around the magnificent mile. We got spa treatments at our hotel. Erin got a facial and manicure. I got a sports massage. We each picked a place to eat at dinner. Erin picked the cheesecake factory and I chose a Thai place. The second night we were there we went and saw Imogen Heap in concert. She was amazing. If you like her music at all definitely check her out if shes in the area.


Thanksgiving was spent getting over Erin’s cold and relaxing. After that I finished up my last “class” for my masters and we got ready for Christmas. We spent the weekend before Christmas at my parents and celebrated with Miles, Leah, and my parents. Then we spent Christmas eve with Erin’s family and went to mass in Jenison. Christmas day we went to Lansing and spent it with the Haney clan. We got to meet John Arden, Arielle’s baby boy.


New Years we hosted a small party at our place. Krissy, James, Josh, Jen, Jason and Lisa came over. We just ate white chili that I had in the crock pot, played games and drank. It was a good time. The next day we just laid around all day.


The new year has me working on my final project to complete my masters degree. Its coming along well enough so far. If all goes well it all ends in April. Erin is working, but she hopes to find something different. This summer we have a bunch of weddings to go to. I hope to wear my bike out this summer and compete in some of the Rapid Wheelmen Time Trials.


Married life is great and Erin and I have adopted a routine that works for us. She usually does the cleaning for the bathrooms, I vacuum, make the lunches, take the recycling in, and we share the dishes, laundry and dusting.  

Engagement Pictures Sep. 15th, 2009 @ 10:41 am
We had engagement pictures taken. Jen did a preview of our pictures. you can see them at


Sep. 10th, 2009 @ 12:15 pm

The summer has come and nearly gone. So I suppose I should update about it.


Erin got a bike and we did some bike riding when we could. Not as much as we wanted to because of schedules. Erin, my dad and I all did the metric Century bike ride at the 100Grand bike ride.


I moved out of my apartment and into a townhouse which will be our first place once we get married and Erin moves in. Its nice. It has a two car garage, we sleep in the basement and it has a gas fireplace. So far the worst thing about it is the smoke detectors outside of the bathroom go off if I leave the door open during a shower. Its only annoying at this point.


I helped Miles load a truck up so he and Leah could move to Ypsilanti.


Erin, Claire, Claire’s brothers and I all made it out to Michigan’s adventure where I got erin on a rollercoaster and we all enjoyed the water park. They have a new ride called the funnel of fear that basically shoots you (and two friends) into a giant funnel where it feels like you’re going to flip over.


Wedding planning is coming along great. We found a tux place, Erin found bridesmaid dresses, a wedding dress for her. We completed wedding prep classes with ease. It was a good look into what were getting into and how to communicate. Michelle designed some invites for us and we just got them printed. Erin had two bridal showers, one in Detroit and one in Millington. We got some great gifts and Erin loved seeing everyone. We also got some engagement pictures taken. We had the session at a park near my old apartments. It was fun, even though it rained some and we are now just waiting for the proofs to come back from editing. Overall the wedding process is right on track if not ahead of schedule.


Work has been stressful for Erin so we’re both looking forward to the wedding and our honeymoon. It won’t be long (only three days) but it will be fun. We’re going to Chicago to relax, shop and enjoy our company.


My bachelor party is Oct 3. Strey is going to fly in and Miles said he’d come. It should be a great time up at the cabin. We’ll probably go to the casino on that Saturday.


So things are moving along.  

Well here we are Jan. 22nd, 2009 @ 02:48 pm
Well after much debate and waiting Erin and I have an official date for the wedding and a reception.

We're getting married November 21, 2009 at Holy Redeemer Parish in Jenison.

Then we're having our reception at Brann's Conference and Banquet Center in Wyoming/Grand Rapids.

2008 Jan. 5th, 2009 @ 09:24 am

January – Started the new year with friends and a wonderful girlfriend. The month was a blur of class, hanging out and just trying to be me.


Feburary – Class and the normal stuff ruled my life. I had a good Valentines Day. It’s a pretty boring start the year when you start to speak in generalities.


March – At this point I was feeling blah and looking forward to Summer and riding my bike. Spring break was a nice “break” from class. Work was very busy and I started riding my bike to work everyday.


April – Spring had sprung and I got my new bike using the economic stimulus package. Its an awesome new bike.


May – Went to two weddings with Erin. Had a ton of fun at each. I started to train for two triathlons. I was feeling great.


June – Training was in full swing. Went to Jason Keef’s wedding and was feeling really good about the triathlons when I took a spill off my bike and break my left arm near the elbow. Surgery was had and I was extremely defeated and sad.


July – Spent the month in a chair or couch, working as hard as I could at work, but even that was tough. I could feel myself getting out of shape and that made me even more sad.


August – Not much happened. Erin started her job full time and was dealing with that as we started talking about more serious times in our relationship. Work was busy.


September – Erin and I had a bit of a falling out due to some understandings but it actually made us closer. We started to make finalized plans for a trip to Chicago in October.


October – Watched some football with family at CMU. Erin and I made a trip to Chicago where we had an amazing time. Halloween was great and I had a great birthday.


November – We talked more and more about engagement. I talked to her parents (unbeknownst to her) and I knew I was ready. I just had to finalize my plan.


December – It was cold and windy and snowy, but I got engaged to an amazing woman. Christmas was good, all three of them. We surprised the Suranyes with the engagement and my parents came to GR for Christmas eve. I spent my first Christmas with the Healy family. And then we went to the Grants after Christmas. Finally New Years eve was had with Josh, Jen, Jason, Lisa, Lacey, Scott, Krissy, James, and Erin at Josh’s house. We played rock band, cards and apples to apples.



Over all 2008 was pretty good to me when I wasn’t paying attention to economic reports and just trying to keep my head down. I worked some, played some and made plans to marry my best friend.

Other entries
» (No Subject)

Well last weekend Erin and I surprised my parents with the engagement. My mom has been feeling kind of bah humbug about Christmas because of stress and being busy redoing their living room. But she said that her Christmas has been made now.


We did the Surayne Christmas which was fun. I ate too much. My dad was sick the whole time.


Well we’re only a week into planning the wedding and holy hell its stressful. Both our families have had bad experiences when it comes to weddings and who gets invited. We both had cousins who made “rules” about who would be invited and it caused problems in the family. So we feel like we “have” to invite everyone, even cousins who we have NO real connection with. So if we do that and all of the “adult” cousins bring dates we will have a base amount of 170 people. That’s a lot of people, and we won’t even have any friends. If we add in the friends we feel like we have to have there its around 220. I know that not everyone will bring dates, if they even come, but at this point we kind of have to plan for around 200 I think. We have four options right now. We could do the traditional wedding reception and have it at a local KofC Hall with catering and open bar which would cost us 20/person. Not horrible, but I haven’t even seen pictures of the place so we atleast have to check it out. The other option is a GVSU banquet hall downtown with only hors doevres  and “host” bar (we pay for what is consumed) which would cost us 1200 to rent and up to 18/person for food and whatever is consumed alcohol wise.


Then we have two non traditional options. We could do just a ceremony (invite everyone even all our friends) and then go out to dinner with anyone who wants to come but they pay. We’d pay for our parents and siblings. Then we’d go out to one of the dance clubs and pay for some of friends cover and a few drinks (still way cheaper than a big party). Then we’d have two family gatherings similar to a graduation open house in Jenison and Millington. Or we could do all of that without the bar option on a Sunday afternoon.


That’s what we’re working with right now. We’re going to talk to Erin’s parents and see where their feelings are. Right now erin and I don’t have strong feelings either way and if they do we’d be open to listening and going with what they think.


I’m fighting a bad cold right now, and this weekend is the nut cracker and cookie party. Next week is of course Christmas.

» A very wonderous night....

Well there is big news. I’m not sure anyone reads this anymore but I’m going to post it anyways. Last night I proposed to Erin and she said yes. So we’re engaged.


It was perfect. I asked her roommate to meet me at their apartment and let me in before Erin got home. I had told Erin that I had a very early meeting and wouldn’t be able to go to the gym in the morning and asked if we could go together after work. She said yes. This gave me the opportunity to know that she would be home at a certain time. So I changed into a shirt, tie and blazer and placed candles around their kitchen and living room. Then when opened the door she looked somewhat confused. Then I asked her. She cried a little but was exuberant. We made some quick dinner and then went and told her parents. They were both very excited and we all had some champagne to celebrate. The best part was when I asked them. I had asked them the weekend of Thanksgiving. Well that next Monday they brought it up to Erin and discussed it with her. She then told me that they were “ready” and that whenever I felt like it they might be open to talking to me. So for the past two weeks I’ve been acting like its been to busy and that I hadn’t had a chance to meet with them. Erin was very surprised by that. After talking to her sister on the phone we went downtown for appetizers and desserts at The 1931 Room, a 5 diamond French Fusion restaurant in the Amway Grand. It was excellent. We got scallops and lobster cakes that were amazing. Then we both got dessert. Erin ordered a chocolate cone that was filled with two kinds of mousse. I got a “forbidden apple” it was ice cream filled with chocolate liquor but covered with a candied coating so that it looked like a red delicious apple. Oh man was it good.


Then we went back to Erin’s parents house to show Treise the ring and talk to her.


It was an amazing night and as I was reminded in a text message this morning, I’m someone’s fiancé……hahaha.  

» Its the Holidays......

I’ve been trying to lose weight and as usual I’ve gone from losing a good amount to an upward swing. I’m not sure if that’s normal or my body compensating.


Thanksgiving is Thursday. I’ve been stressed from this stupid project we have going, but I am going to go meet with the professor and try to get some help. We’ll see how it goes.


Erin is taking her third CPA test and shes been worried about but I think she’ll be great. We’re going to hang out tomorrow maybe do some shopping.


Thursday I’ll go to Lansing for thanksgiving dinner and seeing everyone. Friday will be working out, working on the project and seeing Erin.


Saturday working out, project and then mass with erin and her family. Afterwards we’re going to a bar to watch an Irish band. Should be a good time.


Christmas is around the corner and I think its going to bring surprises.  

» Baptised by the beads of your own sweat!!!

Hmm another long layoff between updates.


Much has been happening.

The Central Game was a lot of fun with everyone and it was nice to see everyone and have all the Haney’s meet Erin.


Chicago was a blast. A quick list of happenings

-Visiting nearly every museum

-Lots of walking

-Eating at the Cheesecake factory, Pizzaria Due

-Staying right downtown at an amazing hotel

-Riding on a crowded bus

-Watching the El go the wrong way (not the way it showed on the map)

-Spending time with Erin


The next week was my birthday and I did exactly what I wanted. I slept in and took a bike ride (not too long) and then went over to Erin’s where we ate dinner and then headed to the connect party. It was a great time.


Since then its been pretty much work, class and hanging out. I had a gathering to play the new guitar hero after my birthday and last weekend Erin and I went and saw Anathallo and I got their new cd “Canopy Glow”. And all I can say is wow, they continue to amaze. I’ve been listening to it at work nearly continuously.


I’m looking forward to the holidays but not the eating. I’ve decided to make a resolution to get back to recording what I eat in an attempt to temper any overeating. We’ll see how it works. I’ve got a goal to lose 35 lbs in 5 months. Could be tough, but I think with a good diet (eating less mostly) and working out more regularly I can do it. If I got down to that weight I’d be pretty happy and then we’ll see where we go from there.

» (No Subject)

Well its been a while.


I started classes. Its going well enough. We’ll be having a test next week. Its open book so hopefully its not too tough.


Work is progressing and we’ve been steady without being crazy busy.


I helped Erin move into an townhouse with Claire which she is liking a lot. My parents visited and saw it last weekend.


This fall I’ve been to a Michigan game, Tigers game and this weekend I’m going with Erin, Miles, Leah and my parents to the CMU vs WMU game in Mt Pleasant. So that’s going to be fun. We’ll be staying the night and doing the birthday celebration.


Then next weekend Erin and I are going to do a vacation in Chicago. We’re staying right downtown across from Millennium park.  We’re going to see the Musuems and eat at a Brazillian restaurant that sounds awesome and mostly just walk around Chicago and see it all.


My birthday is coming up and I’ll have the day off. I plan on riding my bike after sleeping in. Then Erin, Claire, and I will be going to the Connect Halloween party. Should be interesting as Erin and I haven’t hung out with them in monthes.


I’ve been able to start working out again and I’m going to try to join that with eating better to try and start to lose the last 20-30 pounds. I had a physical and things look ok. I’m going to have blood tests to see what my blood sugar is at, cholesterol, and all that. Plus I’ve noticed I get up 2-3 times a night and atleast once I use the bathroom. He said it probably was due to allergies and congestion so I’m going to be on Claritin all the time and hopefully that clears it up.


Things are well. I’m loving the weather and each week I’m working for the weekend. Haha.

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